File formats

This article explains image formats and options are supported.

List of parameters

Format (f)

The format of the output image can be changed by setting the f parameter.

This can be useful to use jpeg or png source images and convert them to webp to improve SEO scores.

Options: jpeg, png, webp Default: Webp Optional

Quality (q)

Set he quality level of the output image.

Integer 1—100 Default: 100 Optional

Progressive (p)

Set true to enable progressive interlacing of the image.

Boolean Default: true Optional

Image Conversion

Mighty Image will convert your images to the requested output format on demand.


Convert source image to JPEG on demand using f=jpeg

Supported options

  • Quality



Convert source image to WebP on demand using f=webp




Convert source image to PNG on demand using f=png


Supported options

  • Quality
  • Progressive



If a conversion fails, Mighty Image will return the image in the original format


Last updated on November 14, 2022